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Sniper Elite - Berlin 1945 download is no longer available in Softonic.

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Apache AH-64 Air Assault Apache AH-64 Air Assault

Patrol the sky as you undertake missions in your Apache AH-64

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Sniper Elite - Berlin 1945 10/08/11 Trial version English
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista

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Platform(s):PC. Rating:16+. Development:Rebellion. Released:2005. Language(s):FR-UK. The Second World War ends. The Russians and the Germans clash in a city devastated by the war.

You incarnate the best sniper of OSS. (the old CIA), infiltrated among the Germans to bring to a successful conclusion missions capitals against the NKVD.

Your mission: To put the hand on nuclear sensitive material before the Russians. The Cold war started. Main features. The art of the infiltration (seen with the 3rd person): to infiltrate and find the best position of shooting.

The art of the snipe (seen with the 1st person): To take account of the distance, breathing, wind, good timing. A revolutionary AI. The enemies never react in the same way!

. Story playable mode to 2 into co-operative. Ranking on Internet. Multi mode to 16 players out of the 3 platforms. System Requirements:Compatibility: Windows-98 / Windows-Me / Windows-2000 / Windows-XP.

4 Go hard drive space available.

"i like it game"

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04 Mar 2015
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Sniper Elite - Berlin 1945

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  3. 939 Sniper Elite - Berlin 1945: Platform(s):PC. Rating:16+ . Development:Rebellion. Released:2005.... Sniper Elite - Berlin 1945

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